SUTRA membawa maksud penyatuan antara tubuh dan jiwa dengan menggunakan aromaterapi. Kami menciptakan ketenangan dengan produk yang seimbang untuk keperluan anda, sesuai untuk gaya hidup yang sihat dan moden. Produk-produk kami dirumuskan khas menggunakan hanya 100% minyak yang tulen, memberikan aromaterapi yang bermanfaat untuk minda, tubuh dan semangat anda.

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Tropical Bioessence Sdn. Bhd. (TBESB) began as Research-Develoment-
Commercial operation in March 2005 at Melaka Institute of Biotechnology. We
have grown steadily for over a year become a major supplier extracts in the
booming natural products industry, aromatherapy especially. Currently we are
the major supplier in Malaysia for essential oil, essential oil-based products and
also herbal extracts. This outstanding performance throughout the years reflects
our close harmony with both industry trends and the values of natural products

TBESB has demonstrated a strong business growth. The business was originally
structured as a producer of essential oil and herbal extracts to end user.
However with the great demand of natural product especially in aromatherapy
products, TBESB now has several distributor and marketer in order to fulfill the

The most sustained and dramatic success with product expansion has been in
the area of aromatherapy. Early in history, TBESB accommodate its customer by
buying bulk quantity of essential oils, blending and rebottling them in 10ml and
100ml bottles. This line grew steadily as the concept and practice of
aromatherapy became increasingly popular in Malaysia. In an effort to meet as
many customer requests as possible, TBESB expanded its nature of business, as
a manufacturer of essential oils and few lines of essential oil-base products with
added many uncommon herbs and spices oil.

To realize the vision, in June 2006, with the assist of Majlis Amanah Rakyat
(MARA) TBESB has rent 5,300 sq. ft factory to build commercial essential oil and
herbal extract plants. As a result, TBESB started their full commercial scale
extraction by January 2007.

Company’s Vision
To be an international leadership in production, value adding and marketing of
essential oil, herbal and medicinal plant extracts.

Company’s mission

1. To produce standard quality essential oil, herbal and medicinal products
suitable for both local and international market.

2. To promote awareness and understanding of markets on essential oil, herbal
and medicinal products to end-user as multi purpose home usage.

3. Improving continues effort on R&D in order to foster efficient industry
development on essential oils and herbal extracts.

4. Encouraging the development of new crops and products to take advantage of
market opportunities.

5. Improving yield and quality through technological advances.

TBESB will focus on products that have good market potential. Strategic
alliance with R&D institutions will enable the organization control its
manufacturing efficiency in production by improving extraction process, value
adding, implementing quality assurance and control programs to guarantee
consistency of quality.

We at TBESB believe in giving the best products and services to our customers.


a. Name Of Company - Tropical Bioessence Sdn Bhd.

b. Company Registration Number - 683554-V

c. Date of Incorporation - 8 March 2005

d. Registered Address
- Suite 3-2, Aras 3, Menara MITC, Jalan Konvensyen, Kompleks MITC, 75450 Melaka

e. Operation Address - Factory
No. ST 519, Jalan Tunas Baru, Seksyen ¼,
Kawasan Perindustrian Masjid Tanah MIEL,
78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka

g. Marketing Address
Tropical Bioessence Marketing, No 88 Jalan TU2, Taman Tasik Utama, Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450 Ayer Keroh,
Melaka, Malaysia.
Phone : +606-2324188
Fax : +606-2323887

h. email and homepage of company
Website :

i. Equity Structure:
Authorized Capital : RM100, 000.00
Paid-Up Capital : RM100,000.00


The company has a well equipped manufacturing unit with state-of-the-art
technology. The various unit operations are carried out using mechanized
technology, eliminating human handling operations to a great extent. This
ensures uniformity in production, avoid contamination and affirms reproducibility
and consistency of products from batch to batch.
The production facility contains steam distillation with capacity 200kg per day,
multipurpose extractor, water extractor, spray dryer, oven dryer, milling,
blending and bottling equipment.

a) Essential oil : 200kg raw material per day with total 300L essential oil per

b) Pure Herbal extracts : i) water based with 300L per day with 1200 kg per

c) Aromatherapy handmade soap : 1000pcs per day

Essential Oil Products:
1) Pure Essential Oil
2) Blended Essential Oil
3) Aromatherapy Massage Oil

I. Aromatherapy Soap
a. Rectangular shape (100g)
II. Foot and Bath Salts
III. Therapeutic grade massage oils
IV. Aromatherapy Hair & Body Shampoo (250ml)
V. Body & Hand Lotion (tba)
VI. Body Scrub (tba)
VII. Beauty Products (tba)

TBESB Quality Control laboratory is well equipped with modern analytical
instruments such as Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, refractive index
and specific gravity. Our quality management and quality assurance policy
ensures reliability and assures that enquiries and orders are given prime
importance and are dealt wisely in a systematic and timely manner

Raw material supply:
In order to have enough and continuously supply of raw material, TBESB has
done some contract farming with government agencies and individual who are
capable and have strength in financial aspect. Currently we have practiced
INTERGRATION SYSTEM where our contract farmers will growth planting
material which originated from tissue culture techniques. This planting material
will be supplied by Invitro Tech Sdn. Bhd. Our company will buy back the
material from the farmers. Therefore, this system will provide win-win situation
to the plant supplier, farmer and approximately our company. This system will
promise the continuity and reliable supply of raw material.

1.1 TBESB also offers contract manufacturing of;
1.1.1 Essential oil
1.1.2 Blended oil
1.1.3 Massage oil
1.1.4 Essential oil-based liquid hand soap
1.1.5 Essential oil-based shower gel and shampoo
1.2 TBESB also offer contract services for ;
1.2.1 Extraction of essential oil
1.2.2 Blending oil and bottling
1.2.3 Extraction of herbal extracts

I. Product's production method and protocol
II. Research and development for product proving evidence
III. Product testing for quality assurance and quality control

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